At Winscombe Primary we recognise that children learn better and are happier in school, if they have their emotional needs met and supported.

We have 2 trained ELSA assistants – Mrs Horwood and Mrs Griffin, who are supported by the SENCo. Educational Psychologists also provide ongoing professional supervision.

ELSA is a specific programme of intervention which supports the emotional needs of pupils. ELSA sessions can be delivered in group or individual sessions and each session is individualised to the need of the pupil/s.

It supports children to improve their:

  • self-awareness
  • self-regulation
  • empathy
  • anxieties
  • social skills
  • It can also provide support for grief or changes in circumstances which can impact children’s mental well-being.

ELSAs are not there to fix children’s problems but are able to provide emotional support, helping children to explore their emotional needs and consider strategies which they can take forward with them to help manage better in the world around them. As the ELSAs establish a warm, respectful relationship with a pupil, they provide a reflective space where the pupil is able to share honestly their thoughts and feelings.

What does ELSA look like at Winscombe?

ELSA sessions usually run for 12 weeks maximum. These are usually on a fortnightly basis, dependent on adult availability.

A clear SMART outcome will be decided to ensure the sessions are productive and successful.

ELSA sessions usually last between 15-30 minutes.

Mrs Horwood and Mrs Griffin are trained in providing lego therapy, art therapy and child-led play activities. A mix of different activities and approaches are often used, to see what approaches work best for each individual child.

The ELSA staff are sensitive and respectful of the information shared in these sessions. We respect the privacy of our pupils and families. Please see our confidentiality policy for further information. ELSAs are available to discuss any concerns with a parent about the sessions and we aim to work sensitively and co-operatively with yourselves in the best interest of the pupil.

A class teacher will refer a pupil in their class to ELSA if they feel this is appropriate and will let parents know. Please contact your class teacher via class dojo if you would like to discuss this further.